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Category: NHP Article is undergoing a Major Upgrade is undergoing a major upgrade for the 2020 Primary season. Check back soon! 2020 is the next best chance to bring back honor, decorum, and politeness back to the White House. 2020 is a year where finding and selecting a President who will be a role model for our children should be our top priority.

Beto Is IN!!!

Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) has entered the 2020 Presidential race. He also if a very formidable contender to win the NH Primary. He has all the makings.

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No Guns In The House Chamber!

There are some really good State Representatives who believe deeply in their 2nd Amendment rights. We believe in those rights here at too.

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Joe Biden Just Doesn’t Win

 Joe Biden is assumed to be one of the front runners for 2020.  And he was a Vice President for 8 years. But that just doesn’t tell the whole story.

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