There are some really good State Representatives who believe deeply in their 2nd Amendment rights. We believe in those rights here at, too.

When the Democrats took over, they changed the rules so that it was no longer OK for Representatives to conceal carry their weapons while they were in the House chamber.

This brought much outrage to many of these legislators, who truly believe they are safer by having guns on the House floor. Many have promised to thwart this rule, and promise to carry anyway.

But many have no training to use their firearm at all, never mind in a crowd as dense as the crowds in the House chamber while it’s in session.

Anyone who has been in the House gallery, or has served on the House floor, knows full well how confusing that whole chamber can be.

The notion that law enforcement should have to deal with untrained legislators should a gun catastrophe unfold is an unreasonable burden to place on them. The idea that they are supposed to know that it’s a good guy with a gun down there when they pull it out, knowing full well it’s against the rules, is a dangerous assumption. It’s dangerous for them personally, and it’s dangerous to the civilians who could be caught in their cross fire.

But more important is the example these legislators are setting for our young people. What these legislators are really saying to our young people is that if you don’t agree with the rules, ignore them.

That’s an example for our young people that should not be tolerated, no matter which side of the gun issue you are on.

These legislators are wrong on so many counts. They should put their guns away and follow the rules. That’s the responsible thing to do. It’s being a responsible gun owner.