Govenor Chris Sununu (R-NH) has caused a radical increase in NH’s brain drain. More than 60% of of NH high school graduates who plan to attend a 4 year college leave NH to do so.

Does that bother Republican Governor Sununu?  Not enough to raise the 2,701 NH apprpirated per full time student. Worse, radical anti-higher education-Sununu cut state University requests by 3 million dollars for nursing and STEM programs.

Even Todd Leach, Chancellor of the University System of NH complained to the Union Leader, “I worry about our ability to keep the cost down…I worry about how rapidly we can respond to workforce needs if we don’t have the strategic funding to allow us to move in new directions”. Leach continued his scolding, ““We are not going to put ourselves in a position where we need a state bailout,” the chancellor added. “What we need is a state partner in order to help keep … addressing the needs that industry has in the state.”

USNH’s state appropriation has been level funded for the last five years, Sununu not even bothering to increase it at the rate of influation.

Radical anti-education governors, like Sununu, don’t seem to understand that the most important item for a business when they are choosing where to locate is a skilled workforce. It’s a much higher consideration for businesses than the tax rate cuts Sununu caused that forces these cuts in education.

Governor Sununu is causing NH to return to the brain drain. That make Governor Sununu not only anti-education, it makes him anti-business as well.