President Obama's Refugee Plan


President Obama: Leader of the In-Compassionate Party

By Bob Jean

President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders want to lead the in-compassionate Democratic Party and pretend they are doing something to solve the refugee problem in the Middle East.

Do the math. The UN estimates that there are 9.5 million Syrian refugees inside and outside that country and the Democrats want to pat themselves on the back for taking in 10,000 refugees into the USA, while putting our country at risk to terrorists who are embedding themselves in this population.That 10,000 refugees represents .0010526315 of the Syrian refugees. The Kumbaya Democrats should be embarrassed!

That isn’t even a token effort when compared to the proportion of the real problem. President Obama and Democrats turned their back on these 9.5 MILLION refugees when they were being gassed and driven from their homes. This effort covers for pretend compassionate Democrats to continue to turn their backs on these refugees – ALMOST ALL OF THEM!

Taking in 10,000 refugees doesn't solve the problem, not even close! This effort is not even token, and it is not compassionate. It's a CYA because Obama and Democrats don't really want to make the real tough decisions to really make a difference, like making safe zones for millions right in Syria. Yes. That would be a real effort. And that would be hard. And that would really be compassionate.

Note to Democrats, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders: STOP PRETENDING YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING! YOU ARE NOT! Stop putting our country at risk so you can continue to do nothing.

Hillary's Wiped

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Is Wiped!

Hillary Clinton is NOT going to be President! GROWN UPS NEED TO TELL HER SO!

We've run our own servers here at for decades. We know a little bit about this.

As SOS Hillary used an email domain for her "sensitive" important email data exchanges called "" and "".  What?  Security? My goodness!  Good Grief!!!!!

Forget Hillary putting politics over national security, forget the issues of integrity and honesty and care about government transparency. This was just really, really, low level and stupid: "". What?  Really? There is a missing skill set in Hillary's decision that is vital to the Presidency and fundamental for our national security. Putting the SOS emails on a private server called "" that is hack-able by the lowest level of hacker is simply incompetent and irresponsible and should disqualify ANYONE who does that from having ANY custody of ANY top secret data.

Democrats will either solve their Hillary problem in the Primary, or it will be solved by the voters in the general election.  Hillary will not be the next President.