Hillary Needs To Withdraw

Hillary Clinton is NOT going to be President! GROWN UPS NEED TO TELL HER SO!

Hillary was my candidate last time. When I voted for Bill Clinton I was voting for Hillary.

Still have my signs and bumper stickers from last time and was ready to use them.
But nope! Grown ups in the Democratic Party need to sit down with Hillary and tell her that she is NOT going to be President.

Putting the SOS emails on a private server that is hack-able by the lowest level of hacker is irresponsible and should disqualify ANYONE who does that from having ANY custody of ANY top secret data. It's with sadness that Democrats NEED to tell Hillary to withdraw. She will NEVER be President.

The next president SHALL nominate the controlling members of the Supreme Court for generations. That is much bigger than Hillary Clinton.

Hillary needs to withdraw immediately!