This Should Be The Last First Primary

The early primaries and caucuses are nothing but a way for the Parties and big money to manipulate the presidential race on the cheap.

The current super-delegate trick by Democratic Party bosses to give Hillary another undemocratic advantage is the tip of the iceberg, and the culmination of total incompetent nomination manipulation that became extra creepy with Iowa coin tosses for heavens sake. And no Party is immune. Rick Santorum was cheated of his Iowa bump with Republicans manipulating the results for weeks last cycle, and the Republican results this time are suspect and rationally debatable in Iowa as well.

There are no grass roots debates, they have been taken over by the national and international media, who even have the power to exclude the local press, even kicking them out at the last minute because they provide local input and opinion.

Its time for real democracy with all voters in the whole country participating simultaneously in a national primary process. Current technological advances make that possible and more rational.

The days of party bosses, small state bosses, and conventions of these big-wigs who think they know best is over. The utility is gone. And clearly the Parties and early states have not shown any sort of special integrity or competency to continue with the silly, undemocratic process that currently exists excluding most of the country from the candidate culling process.

The voters did fine last Tuesday. They would have done fine all across the country if everyone in the nation had voted on Tuesday. And the last thing they need is delegates and super delegates getting in their way.

For 2016 the super-delegates should demonstrate integrity and divide themselves proportionally to the vote ratio on their own, in public, and they should do it now. They should not allow themselves to be counted irrelevant to that ratio decided by the voters while the nomination is being contested giving Hillary Clinton an UNEARNED advantage. It's just wrong and undemocratic! Counting these super-delegates for Hillary while the nomination is being contested ignores the hundreds of thousands of people who showed up to vote who are just as worthy and intelligent and competent as any super-delegate.

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