NH’s White Primary Will Re-Elect Trump!

Make no mistake about it. If NH is allowed to keep the first in the nation primary President Trump will be re-elected. Not only is NH’s population 93.9% white, President Trump beat the whole Republican field to a pulp, winning 2-1 over his nearest competitor. And the pollsters claimed he was going to lose until the actual results came in. Yes. If NH keeps the First In The Nation White Primary, President Trump Shall Be RE-Elected!

Anyone who wants to be sure President Trump has a voting cohort the First In The Nation Primary needs to be moved to a State with a more diverse population.

Save the Country. Stop the First In The Nation White Primary – FITNWP!

How Will College Students Across The Country React To Parties And College Executives Supporting NH White Primary?

Colin Van Ostern (D-NH) has promised, if elected NH’s Secretary of State, to protect NH’s White Primary, where NH’s population is 93.9% white. Van Ostern want’s NH to vote BEFORE states with more diverse populations of color, giving NH’s white population much more power than black populations in other states when electing a President. Van Ostern is a Vice President of Worforce Solutions, part of Southern NH University?

Colleges across the country have had lots of students participating in the Black Lives Matter movement. How will support for “NH’s White Primary” be interpreted by SNHU’s student population, as well as the whole NH and US college student populations?

On many student campuses right-wing speakers have been denied access to speak. We’ll have to see how that plays here in NH.

It’s also hard to measure how college students will react if the National Democratic Party continues to support the “First In The Nation White Primary”!

Van Ostern Endorses NH White People’s Primary

Colin Van Ostern (D-NH) who sat on NH’s exclusive and powerful “Governor’s Council” (Executive Council) and waged a close but failed Gubernatorial campaign has announced his candidacy for Secretary of State. Van Ostern is also currently Vice President of Workforce Solutions of Southern New Hampshire University. In his announcement, he promised to make sure the white people’s Primary remained first in the nation. According to the 2010 census NH is 93.9% white, one of the white-est states in the Country.

Van Ostern pretends he’s a principled person who supports diversity, like a lot of other hypocritical NH Democrats. But principle goes right out the window when it comes to making sure people of color have an equal input into the selection of the President of the United States.

Van Ostern claims change is good. But he’s sure not going to change “White Privilege” when it comes to selecting the President: Colin Van Ostern has endorsed white privilege and keeping the NH White Primary first!

And just wait to see who the powerful NH Democrats and candidates in 2018 are who are lining up like little David Duke clones to make sure white People have the most say about who should be President. We will be posting a list of prominent NH Democrats and NH candidates on the 2018 ballot who protect the NH White Primary here at NHPolitics.com. It’s time to call out the hypocrites in the Democratic Party who pretend diversity but support keeping the NH white people’s primary first.

Don’t forget, the national Democratic Party is all on board, protecting the NH first in the nation white primary, even though NH rejected the first black President Obama in his 2008 race. They voted white and President Obama LOST the NH Primary! Ben Carson couldn’t get many votes either.

One thing is for sure. When it comes to “Black Lives Matter”, Colin Van Ostern and many other very powerful NH Democrats don’t really believe that Black Lives matter equal to NH’s white population when it comes to voting for President.


NH Primary – NH Is Better Than The Other States!

For over a hundred years the whole country has known that NH voters were smarter, better, and more competent than the voters in all the other 49 states!  That’s why our Primary is the first in the Nation.

Even the “smart” political powers in other states are so stupid they miss out on all the TV coverage, tourism, all the attention from the future Presidents, and all of our NH political hacks getting much more prestigious White House appointments than the rest of the Country. By the time California comes around, we’re the one that have picked who you suckers get to pick from. Some times you just have to pinch yourself to be sure you’re not dreaming that 49 states and their “smart” politicians can be so stupid! What a bunch of suckers with a bunch of apathetic voters!!

All these big states: TX, FL, MA, VA, MI, OH, PA, NY, CA and their respective political classes don’t even know what they are missing by being behind NH. The politicians in your state have told you, if you’re from on of these states, that you are too stupid to vote first, NH needs to tell you who to choose from!!! WE here in NH have cowed your political leaders, you stupid voters in the other states!

So thank you, all you 49 “OTHER” States for knowing your place and value when selecting the next President of the United States.

WE COUNT!!  And YOU DON’T!!  Suckers!!!

Keep The NH PRIMARY FIRST!!!  We lead, the other States follow!! LOL. Get used to it. It’s not changing!  The other 49 other states and their politicians are too stupid to change it!

NH: Vote First Or Die! And Iowa, your caucus doesn’t count.

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