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Please enjoy some of our 2020 NH Primary highlights in the mean time…

Bernie Sanders Is A Trump/Republican/Russian COMMUNIST FIGHTER!

Run AOC, RUN!! You SHALL Win NH!!

Run AOC, RUN!! You’ll Win NH!!

AOC is the best and most talented political leader I've ever seen. She has an unconditional endorsement from whenever she decides to run for President. When you are from NH you get to meet a lot of really GREAT political leaders. At we...

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What Is Trump Hiding?

What Is Trump Hiding?

An anti-Trump Republican group announced new advertisements demanding testimony from White House officials in President Trump's impeachment trial.  The Republicans for the Rule of Law's ad campaign features 11 new billboards and five new video ads, including one...

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NH is made for AOC. She's a huge help for Bernie Sanders. And when she's ready to run for President, she'll win NH. She has an unconditional endorsement by no matter when she runs. AOC was born to be a President!     How AOC Could Save...

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Days Left To Vote Trump OUT!








Jeanne Shaheen Deserves Reelection!

No one has done more to change NH than US Senator, Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH).

When she was elected NH’s first woman Governor in 1996 the Republicans owned the Governor’s office, both Houses of the Legislature, and total control of NH’s powerful Executive Council. Republicans held both of NH’s Congressional seats and both US Senate seats. She was one of only 6 Democratic State Senators.

The Governor rolled up her sleeves and turned that all around. NH is a very different place than it was in 1996. was founded in 1996 to be sure she got a fair shake, the Republicans owned most of the newspapers, too.

And Senator Shaheen has earned our full, unconditional, support since then. She should be reelected!



Know Anyone Thinking of Running For Congress?

Want to convince that person who has what you would like to see in Congress to run? Check out this video by the Justice Democrats. They are changing the country, one congressional district at a time. This is worth a view by anyone considering a run for Congress!

AOC’s Endorsement of Bernie Sanders

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders is one of the most effective endorsements available to candidates in 2020. And, typical from her, AOC’s endorsement ROCKS!! It’s worth a view! Where in the hec did the Justice Democrats find people of this quality to run? Just everyday people performing better that seasoned, experienced, members. AOC has shown us regular people can do this!

Ilhan’s Amazing Committee Work

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) may be a freshman, but this committee work is the best we’ve ever seen here at That it was from a freshman Congresswoman in Congress for a couple of months makes this over the top!  Ilhan ROCKS!!  We are proud to be an AMERICAN WITH Ilhan Omar! She has her AMERICAN priorities in the right place. What a role model for young people!