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President Biden didn’t just meet with criminally indicted Netanyahu. He has committed the US to funding their war, where they are currently trying to starve innocent Palestinians to death, and that looks like a war crime to many of us.

The Prime Minister of Israel seems like a “Yahoo” war monger who loves war, or at least too frequently uses it for political expediency. His move to war at this time seems more to distract his constituents and the world from his failures to keep Israel safe, and he’s strong arming the weak and “very old”, often feeble appearing, Biden onto his political team to stay in power.

Former CIA Director and General Petraeus estimates the war Israel is marching the US toward will take at least a decade. That forecast makes Biden’s decision a TRILLION dollar commitment and war! And that’s money that can’t go toward student debt relief, or Social Security funding, to name a few important US needs.

Biden likes to tout his “experience”. But for all his purported “experience” it doesn’t seem wise to a lot of Americans to entrust trillions of dollars of US funding to a Prime Minister indicted for fraud, bribery, and a breach of trust. And for all Biden’s purported “experience”, he pretended he wanted to be an honest broker in the Mid-East, but continued his trip to Israel even though the Arab countries important to him to appear he’s being an honest broker scrapped their meeting. Appearing exclusively with “Netan-Yahoo” made it seem in the Arab world that the US is supporting the crazy treatment of innocent Palestinians and the Israelis efforts to starve them to death. If Biden didn’t understand that, it calls into question the value of his purported “experience”. And if he did understand that he’s committed malpractice.

In his speech Biden warned that dictator tyrants who aren’t checked get worse. But Netanyahu was in the process of making the Israeli court system totally under his control as Humas attacked, and indicates his intended march to being an Israelis dictator. And Netanyahu is a dictator want-a-be who has so far been unchecked in his war crime of trying to starve Palestinians to death. And Biden’s “pretty please” approach to dictator and indicted criminal, Netanyahu doesn’t seem like he’ll meet even Biden’s pretend requirement that Israel adopt and accept a two state solution.

Biden has his own credibility problems. First, he threw 14.2 million Afghan women to the Taliban when he first took office, even though the US had it down to 2500 US boots on the ground, with very minimal casualties and investment. Biden originally proposed his “Build Back Better” plan that included major investments and large tax increases on the ultra-rich. But Biden scrapped that plan in a way that many people think he was huffing and puffing about it for the cameras, but made sure it failed because he didn’t want to defend it in the mid term elections. Additionally, Biden originally said that he lacked the constitutional authority to give student debt relief, only to pretend it wasn’t unconstitutional as he passed student debt relief for a photo op only to have his effort denied by SCOTUS. Further, Biden attacked Anita Hill to make sure creepy Clarence Thomas was appointed to SCOTUS. To say that many Democrats have trust for Joe Biden would just not be accurate – which is reflected in Biden’s politically fatal and terminal poll numbers.

Biden can give Netanyahu a trillion dollar hug all he wants. When push comes to shove, Israel better understand that they need to be better neighbors. And if they want US support they better find leaders who can be entrusted with US funds. And electing a Prime Minister indicted for fraud, bribery, and a breach of trust is not a way to make anyone in the US feel that our tax money will be in good, honest, custody. Biden may be able to make it appear that there is reliable support for Israel in a very short term. But if Israel doesn’t show the US they can be good neighbors, especially their innocent Palestinian neighbors, their support will rapidly deteriorate, and evaporate.

Biden needs to grow a set and tell Netan-Yahoo to turn the water, electricity, fuel, and food back on for the innocent Palestinians throughout Gaza, and that US funding and defense depends on it. This Biden “pretty please” crap  for the cameras isn’t going to do anyone any good, including Israel.

US Support for Israel should come with a requirement that they make a much better effort to get along with it’s Arab neighbors. And Israel should understand the US cannot give unconditional support for any society that elects a criminally indicted Prime Minister, especially for serious crimes of fiduciary like fraud, bribery, and breach of trust.

And Israel needs to include war crimes in that list of crimes unacceptable here in the US for Israelis to find US support reliable.