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Joe Biden Just Doesn’t Win

 Joe Biden is assumed to be one of the front runners for 2020.  And he was a Vice President for 8 years. But that just doesn’t tell the whole story.

Joe Biden simply has never performed electorally very well outside of Delaware.  When he ran for Vice President he ran on President Obama’s coat tails.  He ran for President himself, on his own, 3 times, in 1984, 1988, and 2008. When he ran on his own he was barely an asterisk.  His electoral performance was dismal, at best.

NH Democrats who want to win in 2020, and who also consider President Trump a very dangerous person, well, they might want to look for someone with a more likely chance to have a reasonable electoral performance. 

Joe Biden is a really nice guy. And nice guys are rumored to finish last.  

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Maggie: “End The Shutdown”

WASHINGTON – Senator Maggie Hassan delivered a speech on the Senate floor tonight calling for an end to the President’s senseless government shutdown – now in its 18th day – that is hurting Granite Staters and Americans.

“In New Hampshire, our farmers were relieved last month at the passage of the Farm Bill,”Senator Hassan said. “Now, thanks to the shutdown, they are again facing uncertainty that they may not receive the financial assistance that they need to help them operate. Our craft breweries – which contribute to our economy – are unable to move forward with new projects because the brewers can’t get the projects approved through the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. At the White Mountain National Forest some visitor services are closed – and at this amazingly beautiful natural resource – trash is piling up.”

Senator Hassan called on Leader McConnell to bring to the floor two bipartisan pieces of legislation that have already passed the House – and have previously received significant support from Senate Republicans – and urged the President to sign them into law without delay.

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