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We All know Joe Biden’s numbers have been in the tank. We could pretend it’s just since Biden became President. And he has had record low number since he has been in the White House. But Biden’s electoral problem has existed for his whole career, since he first ran for President in the 80s.

If Biden had encouraged a Primary season, the Democratic nominee could have been settled by April, with all Democrats feeling comfortable with the outcome. But Biden discouraging a real Primary process, and manipulated it for his own personal interests – just like Trump – and too many people won’t have any confidence that Biden is electable at all. Biden needed a primary to test his own electability, not just to compete with others, who are clearly much more electable.

But Biden knew the answer and outcome if he faced a competitive primary. And that is why he avoided a primary. But that shows the probability of Biden being competitive in the general really in the tank – Biden even knows about his electoral problem, that’s why he worked to hard to avoid a primary.

Now all Democrats will have at the Convention are polls to evaluate if Biden can even win. And polls have not worked any better for Biden than real, competitive, elections.

Biden’s electoral record and probability of winning has to be evaluated on his total electoral record, not just in 2020, when he got lucky and voters were coming out of a global pandemic.

Joe Biden doesn’t appear electable. He passed on a competitive primary process to show skeptical voters that he could be electable. The polls show clearly he is not.

This is no way to run a country, or the White House.