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NH’s Secretary of State, Dave Scanlan, has released the SOS’s voter turnout projections. Joe Biden has lost by default.

Republican voter turnout is projected to be 322,000 votes. The projections for Democrats is 88,000. That means the GOP gets all the attention, all the organizational practice, and their candidates get all the training, experience and practice. It’s a disaster not only in the Presidential race, it’s a disaster on the Democratic down ballot races who get a lot of energy from the NH Primary. This leaves Democratic down ballot candidates much weaker, and much less electable.

If down ballot Democratic candidates get blown out in the general election, Biden and his “moderate” supporters should get the blame.

Joe Biden refused to compete in the New Hampshire Primary. And it calls into question Biden’s ability to make competent electoral decisions for the rest of the campaign. A write in campaign?  Biden isn’t just old and feeble. He’s just plain silly – It’s La La land stuff. And then he’s going to tell us how dangerous Trump is. You can’t tell by how Biden is running his pitiful campaign.

Biden is no stranger to New Hampshire. We got to know him in the 80s, the first time he ran. He wouldn’t have even received 1% of the vote, and left the race before he was embarrassed. He actually had less embarrassment in admitting plagiarism than face the poor electoral showing he was about to face that time.

And he failed all three times he ran for President. Biden is a very weak and terrible candidate. And no matter how you count the votes on Tuesday, Biden has lost his fourth NH Primary. And to pretend Biden isn’t part of that write in campaign is just plain dishonest.

Trump admits he’ll be doing retribution toward his political opponents.

Biden skipping the NH primary is clear retribution toward NH. He just can’t win NH. It’s personal. And it’s anti-democratic. And Biden was clearly involved in the decision to screw NH. He was involved personally.

He could have given it to Ohio. That would have made a lot of sense to help turn it back to purple. There were many other credible options. South Carolina never made any sense.

But that’s not what Biden did, he wasn’t principled at all in his decision. While there is an attempt to white wash Biden’s involvement in the screwing of NH, he was personally involved in the decision – again, Biden was involved personally.

And from a purely electoral technical point of view, Biden’s position is clear political malpractice. And it not only could ruin Biden’s chances, he may very well not be able to carry NH in the general election because of it. And Al Gore lost the Presidency when he lost NH.

The consequences will be felt by all the people who depend on Democratic policies. And that is the whole middle class, and a whole lot of NH Democrats running in down ballot races.