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Nikki Haley is an accountant. She may want to check out the 1992 Democratic Primary where Paul Tsongas beat Bill Clinton in the NH Primary.

After Tsongas beat Clinton, the money just rolled in. They received so many contributions they simply couldn’t process them fast enough to be able to put the money to good use in the campaign.

Since 1992 the FEC (Federal Election Commission) has implemented many technology improvements, including their own software, FEC-File, that greatly stream lines the process. But the shear volume of contributions from a NH win, and the short time there is to process them, is still not to be underestimated.

The pace is going to pick up substantially after a Haley NH Primary win.

As an accountant, Haley understands that businesses and entities can suffer as much consequences and damage from not being adequately prepared for success as they can not planning for failure.

It’s rational at this stage for Nikki Haley to plan for success in the NH Primary. There’s going to be a hell of a whirlwind if her win occurs.

We expect Nikki Haley to win here at NHP.