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Nikki Haley is a Conservative. A very right wing Conservative.

Frankly, we don’t agree with Nikki Haley on much here at NHP.

But it’s clear that a dictator, like Trump, is about as ultra-big government as it gets. Dictators just make all the government decisions, with no due process. Dictators are NOT Conservative, the farthest thing from it. Trump’s dictator approach is ultra-big government!

Haley is a real Conservative and way, way, too small a government Conservative, no way would she accept the big government approach a dictator uses.

And one thing we can agree with Haley on is how important role models are for kids and future leaders. She’s really smart, as fast on her feet as anyone we’ve ever seen.  She’s balanced, in total control of herself, very strategic, analytical, and, well, she’s an accountant. She takes time to work with young people to inspire them. She understands humility. These traits alone make her head and shoulders above Trump.

It’s time to turn the page on Dictator-Want-A-Be Trump. The contrast with Haley makes it even more obvious just how bad he really is. Haley has many of the same policies. She’s just not a whack job; she’s not cruel, she’s not mean, she’s not rude, she’s not a know it all, she’s empathetic, and she approaches her role with the intent to be constructive. All the things Trump is incapable of. It’s not his fault. He’s mentally ill and simply doesn’t have the capability for real American leadership.

Nikki Haley has shown young Republicans that you can make your ultra-conservative changes without making a disgusting, obnoxious, spectacle of herself, and her respective causes. A refreshing change from Trump.

All this is leading up to Nikki Haley, with prudent support of responsible GOP NH voters, is about to be a dictator slayer. And it’s a role model that is so important to our kids and future leaders.

She’s showing them how to be conservative without being a jerk. And she’s showing our kids that they can make changes and improve their respective lives without being a dictator to achieve their goals.

Nikki Haley is a Republican and a Conservative who has the skill set to deliver her accomplishments and achievements without dictatorial powers.

Trump has no such skills. He needs to be a dictator because he simply doesn’t have Nikki Haley’s leadership skill set.

Frankly, Trump has very little real skills at all.