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Did Iowa succeed for the Party Elites who want to stop Bernie? 

Iowa is NOT New Hampshire. It has a very questionable past.

In NH people are used to, and expect honest elections, overseen by Mr. Integrity, Secretary of State Bill Gardner.

With so many of the Democratic Party elites claiming that Bernie would have to be stopped, the Iowa Failure many not have been a failure at all.

The Iowa Democratic Party only releasted 62% of the vote that left out much of Bernie Sanders’ stronghold areas to create their narrative. 

It may have been a success for the Party Elites who wanted to stop Bernie all along.

If anyone questions the integrity and fairness of the Iowa Caucuses they may want to speak with Rick Santorum, who was denied the public recognition of his Iowa win for weeks.

The Iowa Caucuses need to be ended. They are too manipulable by the establishments of both Parties.