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AOC is the best and most talented political leader I’ve ever seen. She has an unconditional endorsement from whenever she decides to run for President.

When you are from NH you get to meet a lot of really GREAT political leaders. At we have photographed almost all presidential candidates since Ronald Reagan.

AOC stands out from ALL of these candidates.

She is so honest and articulate. She has a sixth sense about presentation. Her work in Committee would be amazing if she was a veteran Congressperson. That she is a freshman in her first year, and only 30…oh my.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is one of our country’s precious daughters. Those of us who are dads of daughters her age get her. We just get her!! And when extremists like President Trump and his corrupt Republican tag team mates attack her it’s no different than if you attacked any of our daughters.

Yes!  AOC for President – whenever she runs!  She will win. And she shall win the NH Primary when she does run!!


AOC for president? The buzz has begun –