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The media likes to focus on the horse race when they come to NH. For those of us who have had horses consume a lot of our lives, let’s talk about how to evaluate a horse. Horses are not GREAT because of their record on the track. What makes a GREAT race horse is the track record of their offspring. And that is the metric to evaluate Bernie Sanders: Evaluate him by the people he inspires into public service. And it’s clear by that measure, Bernie Sanders is GREAT in this Presidential horse race.

His “Squad” is taking America by storm, changing our country’s politics one Congressional district at at time. They are the future for a thriving middle class. And they shall improve the economic condition for the portion of the middle class that are part of Trump’s base, as much as anyone else.

AOC and Illhan represent the future for the middle class and our interests! And Bernie Sanders is a GREAT horse in this race, not just by his accomplishments, but also by the accomplishments of the people he inspires into public service.


AOC & Ilhan set to endorse Bernie Sanders for President.