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President Biden has refused to stand up to Israelis Prime Minister, Netan-Yahoo, to really protect US hostages being held by Hamas.

While Israel was the victim of Humas atrocities last weekend, Israel has prosecuted their own atrocities all week since then. With Biden sitting on the side lines, he has watched like a nursing home patient waiting for his meds, as Israel carpet bombed the Gaza strip, risking the lives of American hostages, as well as Americans trapped in Gaza.

Instead of telling Prime Minister Yahoo to cool his jets and get Americans out of Gaza, he has sat doing nothing, just like Trump on 1/6 as our Capitol was attacked. Even when a US deal was struck with Egypt to get Americans out through their border, Biden left them with a crazy short window to get out.

Joe Biden is unfit for the Presidency. His inability or unwillingness to put American, and American Hostages’, interests ahead of Israel’s need for immediate, unplanned, unreasoned, vengeance, using incompetent war plans makes his reelection undesirable.

Worst of all, Biden seems content letting Israel march the US to a much broader war in the Mid-East, if he has the mental capacity at his age to do otherwise.