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Extremist Vivek Ramaswamy was sent packing barely a month and a half after Nikki Haley referred to him as “just scum” for attacking her child in a debate. Clearly, the powerhouse Nikki “Mama Bear” Haley sent him and his incompetent campaign packing. Not only does she run in heels, she has made Vivek Ramaswamy heel.

And to most observers, Ramaswamy was a little scum. He was rude and very weak on most policy, domestic and foreign.

Ramaswamy is an ultra-rich person who, like Trump, shows middle class Americans that super-rich billionaire people don’t perform any better than middle class people. And it highlights the inadequacy of how our economic pie is distributed, with most of our economic rewards going mostly to these incompetent rich people rather than the middle class.

Voters got to see clearly how inadequate the rich kid is by watching Ramaswamy.

TAX THE RICH! We need a wealth tax on the super-rich. They are just not up to the myths they disseminate to keep their wealth.