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Corporate media is quick to point out how Dobbs issues are the main voter turnout motivation for Democrats in 2024.  That’s great news. Except! President Biden and Vice President Harris have refused to agree to expand the Court, so nothing can change for women for generations. Nothing! Unless the Court membership and balance of ideological power change, they are sentencing American women to the MAGA Taliban Court for generations.

And it’s not just abortion. It’s women’s health care in general, as well as her privacy. As well as all of our privacy. It’s about income inequality. It’s about any chance of any gun safety. It’s about voter rights and equality. It’s even about all of our contraception. Worker’s rights.

The current SCOTUS is bought and paid for and owned by billionaires, that is clear to most Americans. Why Biden and Harris don’t run to expand the Court to water down that corruption? Hmm. Wonder why? Run on it for heavens sake ….unless…. Unless, why?

Democrats have the most motivating issue of all in 2024. Abortion. And Biden/Harris have gone AWOL by refusing to expand the Court leaving this Court in control for generations.

When you hear Democrats and corporate media brag and gloat about Democrats having the abortion issue advantage, ask them how they figure that.

President Biden and Vice President Harris leave this Court and it’s ideological balance in place for generations. Nothing changes. Nothing!! Their position nets out to the same position of their GOP competitors, who are excited to keep the Taliban Court in place.

That position is pretty unlikely to generate the turnout Democrats need to keep the White House and control of both chambers of Congress.