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Donald Trump stole our country’s classified material. He stole our nuclear secrets. And he stole battle plans about how our country would deal with Iran, if necessary.

Trump’s robbery has jeopardizes our national security. And it’s something most Americans find troubling and dangerous.

And it would be an issue for the Democrats to use to distinguish their sense of our national security, vs the irresponsible GOP irresponsible view.

But President Biden was caught red handed with decades of unauthorized and illegal classified material. It was found in his garage, behind his corvette, and there is no way of telling if the material in the President’s custody has been compromised, any more that the classified material in Trump’s illegal custody.

That makes it practically impossible for Biden to hold Trump accountable for his more serious breaches during a debate, or any environment where he if fact checked. It allows the GOP to make comparisons during the campaign between Biden and Trump.

Biden irresponsible classified material handling has trivialized this very important issue.

Democrats don’t have to give this issue away. All they have to do is treat Biden’s irresponsible classified behavior as the serious breach it is and dump him from the ticket.

That’s the appropriate thing to do. That Vice President Harris has not spoken up about Biden’s breach of security means she cannot be trusted with custody of classified material as well.

This is an important issue and it’s time for voters to disqualify ALL candidates from the ticket who have a blemished record regarding classified material.