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President Biden says he’s going to start holding Trump accountable, and he held a major speech, where he gave us lots and lots of words about how dangerous Trump is.

Well. Better late than never. Biden and his administration waited for years to finally get off their behinds and really begin to prosecute Trump. The country and world heard the 1/6 House committee beg the Biden administration’s Justice Department to get involved over and over, as the Biden administration slow walked the whole issue for at least two years too long. And this delay was going on while Trump had sensitive nuclear and battle plan secrets he has stolen. Hello!!

Biden isn’t just old because he’s 81. He’s old because he lives in a different, older, world than the one we live in today. Biden just hasn’t kept pace with our politics as it really exists today. He didn’t think a President should get involved when the Capitol was attacked and he was almost denied a peaceful transition of power? That wasn’t urgent enough for an incoming President to get immediately involved – with a real sense of urgency?  Really?

Just like Biden believes we live in an older world where the Supreme Court isn’t just another legislative body. And he has refused to expand SCOTUS, pretending that we are living in the old days. Let’s face it. Biden and Obama were rolled on their Supreme Court appointments – those never occurred.

Well, clearly SCOTUS is nothing but a legislative body with no cumulative morals, values, or integrity. Hec. SCOTUS isn’t even cash register honest. And the current majority of SCOTUS members were installed by a GOP with the same sense of public fiduciary: NONE!

A lot of us believe the words President Biden uses about how dangerous Trump is. It’s Biden’s actions – inactions, really – that make it clear that Biden never took the words he speaks now serious at all since he became President.

NH is the last chance to make it clear that voters know Biden is just not up to the job. NH’s job right now is to lead the Country.

And we are reminded about Biden’s very poor performance as President every time we see Trump walking the streets.

Biden has not kept the Country safe. To prove it, all you have to do is listen to the leading GOP candidate for President.