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Joe Biden is the “bait and switch” President. His word is totally unreliable. And that is not going to help his reelection chances, or his believability about any policy. He claims he’s going to pressure Israel to use their bombs responsibly. Sure….

First, Biden made a big splash about increasing tax rates on the filthy rich in his Build Back Better plan. But Biden killed his own plan so he wouldn’t have to defend those policies in the mid terms, rather than provide the leadership needed to pass it – if he even had those leadership skills to begin with. He certainly didn’t have the coattails in 2020 to elect more members of the House and Senate to pass meaningful policies like Obama did in 2008.

Then Biden started out admitting he didn’t have the constitutional authority to forgive student loans. Suddenly, he flip flops and pretends it was constitutional so he could get a photo-op and passed a bill, but, of course, that bill was considered unconstitutional. The trickery he used on students buried in the debt of predatory lenders who have contributed to Biden’s past and current campaigns was not only disgusting, it was cruel.

Biden was handed Afghanistan that only needed 2500 US troops to keep the peace there, with almost non-existent casualties. Instead of standing behind Afghan women, he pulled out hastily and threw 14.2 MILLION Afghan women to the Taliban, and reneged on all the promises the US had made to these women. Now Biden expects us to believe he’s a real honest broker between Israel and the innocent Palestinians. Ask the 14.2 MILLION Afghan women how much we should rely on Joe Biden’s word? Thanks to President Geritol you do have to ask, the Taliban doesn’t allow them to learn to read and write. Now that is Biden’s “experience” at work for you. Some may call it malpractice.

Oh. And American women can rely on Biden to protect their health care choices when he gets into a room full of lobbyists with the door closed? Really? Yeah. Sure.

Biden was criticized for attacking Anita Hill in 2020. But what most people didn’t seem to notice is that Joe Biden attacked Anita Hill to get creepy Clarence Thomas on SCOTUS.

Biden claims he wants to enact gun safety reform. But he simultaneously refuses to stack the Supreme Court, even though he and Obama were rolled on their SCOTUS appointments. He knows darn well that meaningful gun safety reform without stacking the Court can’t happen with this court – and it can’t happen for generations with this Court, either. Just more unreliable bait and switch from the tricky Biden.

And who in their right mind would trust any old time politician who stole our country’s secrets and stored them dangerously and irresponsibly in his garage?  Really. Talk about the essence of un-trustworthiness….

The bombs are still dropping indiscriminately in Gaza. It’s hard to believe Biden to begin with. If he funds more bombs while Israel is still irresponsibly using them, why would anyone believe him on anything else, especially his collaboration with Israel in the deaths of at least 14,000 innocent Palestinians, and counting.