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Governor and UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, is positioned to poll vault out of NH. From there, she’ll move to South Carolina, where as Governor she took down the Confederate flag.

Even for those of us who disagree politically on most issues with her, the same disagreements we have with Ultra-Conservative, Liz Cheney, it’s hard not to really like Nikki Haley.

For starters, she’s really running to win. She’s running for votes. Even when you disagree with her, it does indicate a real acceptance of democracy and our country’s constitution. You can’t say that about many of the GOP candidates in their primary. Trump doesn’t run to add votes, he runs to disqualify voters who oppose him. Haley’s abortion position minimizes the disadvantages of Roe being overturned, as much as any Republican anti-choicer can. And she’s navigated the tightrope that exists during the primary between the Trump base, and more rational voting blocks, masterfully. Even in disagreement it’s hard not to have total respect for Nikki Haley’s skill set.

While it’s easy to find really unqualified Trump appointees, watching Haley navigate the Trump minefields it’s clear to see her diplomatic skill, and it’s clear why she was at the UN. Trump got the UN appointment right. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

The Biden people need to be concerned because Nikki Haley makes voters feel much more comfortable than many GOP candidates do, and especially how they feel about Trump. That creates extra challenges for Democrats who are relying on and assuming Trump will be the ultimate GOP nominee. If Haley is the nominee it’s hard to see Biden really competing with her. It’s hard to see the Democrats staying with Biden once Haley begins getting traction and Democratic strategists start feeling the reality of actually competing with Haley in a general election.