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Nikki Haley totally commanded her debate last night with Desanctimonious. She was in charge. She was rapid fire for two solid hours, like the energizer bunny. I kept waiting for her to get tired. She didn’t. She ended the debate looking a refreshed as when she started. She made no mistakes, and she left viewers looking at a total performance that was stellar. She was charismatic, likeable, and in total control of the debate from beginning to end.

For accountants watching, she was very planned and prepared, and showed a real, competent, ability to understand complex concepts in a way that, of course, makes Trump shiver in fear at the thought of having to face this very high level women executive in a debate.

Accounting is the language of business, and I suspect Haley’s ability to communicate to both large and small business leaders will increase her effectiveness at earning business support for her national campaign, and she’ll use it to earn substantial accomplishments once elected.

All this may sound great, but not if you’re a Democrat who can’t find very much to agree with Haley on. Not only did you see a very able leader in Nikki Haley’s performance, you saw a candidate with the campaign skill set and capabilities to finish 2 full, 4 year terms, and probably end that 8 years with very high favorabilities. That’s a huge advantage for those few Republicans who don’t believe in life time dictatorships. For the GOP MAGA people who want to be ruled for the rest of Trump’s life by a dictator, I guess that wouldn’t be a factor for those voters.

The thought of Haley for 8 years in the White House should scare Democrats as much as the thought of having to debate Haley clearly, and justifiably, petrifies Trump. Trump’s weak. Haley’s the strong one.

Democrats need to watch Nikki Haley’s performance again from last night. And they need to think very carefully if President Biden is the best person to compete in November, where the best case if Biden loses is 2 terms of Haley, and the worst case if Biden loses is we are ruled by Trump and his off spring for the rest of their family tree’s lifespan.

No pressure or anything. But think carefully. This election matters.