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If the GOP nominates Haley she is going to force Democrats who want to win and retain the White House in 2024 to step up their game and look for a much more marketable candidate that President Geritol. The way the un-democratic Biden has manipulated the primary process, that will most likely have to occur during a very contentious and ruckus Democratic Convention. Or the Democrats will lose to her. It’s really that simple.

Former NH AG and US Senator Kelly Ayotte is running for Governor in 2024. Don’t underestimate how much the electorally powerful Ayotte may see huge advantages of having Nikki Haley at the top of the general election ballot. Things are shaping up for Haley much more than the corporate press realizes.

Nikki Haley totally controlled the third GOP debate. She was in total control, both of herself, and of her opponents. She totally pulled off calling that what’s his name kid a “scum”. Normally that would be controversial to New Hampshire audiences. But you leave candidate’s kids alone in NH, or you better, so it sold as well in NH as everywhere else. Candidate’s kids are off bounds, and they should be. And let’s face it. The Ramaswamy kid is a little scum. Haley spoke for the rest of us.

Haley is getting huge traction. And she’s filling events to capacity in NH. Even when you totally disagree with almost all of her policies, she’s a mom, she’s smart as hell, fast as anyone I’ve ever seen on their feet. She’s fun and can be funny and a bright spot during difficult topics and discussions. She has energy and appears very vital, both on and off a stage.

It’s quickly become very obvious to most viewers, especially to those of us who disagree with her on issues, that she’s competent enough for the Presidency. It’s hard to notice any autocratic tendencies in her demeaner, or in her personal and professional histories.

Nikki Haley has something else that none of her current opponents have, in either Party. She’s really likeable!

I suspect Nikki Haley will have a likable Democratic nominee before the November 2024 elections. Yup. She may not be on the primary ballot yet, or at all, but she’s out there, ready and able to compete successfully with the amazing GOP candidate, Nikki Haley.

Nikki Haley will make our whole political culture step up their game. And that’s great for the country.