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Governor Nikki Haley own’s the border issue – by default.

First, Trump failed to build the wall because he lied and pretended he wasn’t going to raise taxes to build it. Mexico never paid, the wall was never funded, and poor planner Trump was handed his first stinging failure of his Presidency. While Trump is dumb enough to raise the issue during the 2024 campaign, it only reminds voters of his failure to deliver anything enduring or meaningful on the border. He owns the mess, too.

Ron Desanctumonous tried to get cute, imported immigrants to Florida and then shipped the fake Florida immigrants to cold Martha’s Vineyard in the middle of the winter. To make Desanctamonious look even more petty and worse, the resident’s of Martha’s Vinyard stepped up and completely assisted their new neighbors. Not only is it clear “White Boots Ron” isn’t equipped to deal with real border issues, his weakness in basic comprehension prevents him from performing adequately in many other areas of Presidential duty as well.

President Biden isn’t in any better shape. He kicked the can over to Vice President Harris as soon as Biden took over, and she’s been very AWOL on the issue as far as voters are concerned. Neither Harris or Biden are in any position to defend against any of Haley’s charges about the border, any more than Trump is. They all own the border failure.

Haley’s clean on the issue.

And, for the record, so isn’t the most electable Democrat, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Governor Haley’s right. It’s time for a new generation of leadership: In BOTH Parties!!