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Mitt Romney is right that President Biden should retire and help elect his effective Democratic successor.

But different than Romney, Joe Biden can retire holding his head up high, although he does have some explaining to do about how his son Hunter was able to use Airforce Two as a foreign business sales office.

Enough of this “hero” crap about Mitt Romney.

It was alleged in his presidential campaign that he’s rich because when he was at Baine Capital he would buy companies, sell off their assets, borrow more than the company could pay back to collect huge management fees, and then misuse bankruptcy law, stripping the workers of those companies of their life long – earned – pensions. It was claimed he did this over and over, it was his disgusting business model.

Romney’s a rich bum. No more, maybe less. Mitt Romney will retire and spend the pensions of those workers. He’s a deplorable man who doesn’t deserve to be lauded as some sort of “hero”. He is NOT!

Good Riddance, Mitt!! Don’t let the Capitol doors hit you in the……