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NH GOP POLITICAL OPERATIVES: Do you really think you can condone Trump’s treason and theft of our country’s nuclear secrets and get a security clearance for a high level job in ANY administration? Do you think you will be able to work for any member of congress who deals with our country’s classified material?? Really??

Remember ultra-Conservative Liz Cheney’s words: “There will come a time when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain”.

You are ending any substantial future career the longer you prove you are a security risk. We are a nuclear power. Do you really believe your ability to get a security clearance will remain in tack if you don’t take the stealing of nuclear secrets seriously?? Really?? This shall follow you the rest of your life. Getting a security clearance involves looking at your whole career. You will need one for most major political jobs. The time is now to prove you are ever capable of earning one. Staying with Trump at this stage of the awareness of his security breaches shall be career ending. And it should be….